The Top Ten Reasons to Eat Out!

The Top Ten Reasons to Eat Out!

The top ten reasons to eat out:

1. From the Appletini to the Zeppoli, its a great date, unless you’re like me and spilled a whole cup of coffee on my lap during a date with my college crush in 1986.
2. Your kitchen will stay clean, unless your babysitter decides to make pancakes.
3. You’ll be trying new and memorable dishes, except for that gluten free gnocchi. I won’t be back for that one.
4. It’s a great night to dine “al fresco” with the pigeons, sea gulls, and passerbys who feel the need to smell your food…and yes, ask for an onion ring while his wife isn’t looking.
5. You may have a reason to dress up only for the waiter to spill hollandaise on your blouse, step on your jacket and blow his nose at your table.
6. You would love a nice romantic evening surrounded with the booth kicking toddler, epic steak chewer and the occasional wine glass breaker within a 5 foot range.
7. Invitations to weddings, showers, christenings, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens and even repasts are all very nice..let’s leave it at that.
8. You’ve been on Keto, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Dash, Whole 30 and you drive past McDonald’s after the gym, enough said.
9. Grandma is turning 80 and expects you at Uncle Luigi’s Restaurant, wearing the tie she gave you for Christmas. So you better be there.
10. OR, you’re just hungry

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